What is EfficiencySpring?

EfficiencySpring is a software platform for building and hosting data-centric applications. It provides the flexibility of custom software creation with the stability of out-of-box applications.

Is EfficiencySpring Right for Us?

Is your organization currently running its operation on email, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and/or paper? Is it because no off-the-shelve software package meets your needs, but at the same time building your own system from scratch is daunting? Or perhaps you have important corporate data in SQL Server and need to surface it up for end-users?

In either scenario, EfficiencySpring is worth considering. Organizations can use EfficiencySpring to configure all the interfaces that are typical of information applications, configure business rules, and then deploy them to users both inside and outside their organization.

As far as running EfficiencySpring, it can run both in local Windows networks and the Microsoft Azure cloud.

What Can EfficiencySpring Do?

Below is a high-level overview of EfficiencySpring’s capabilities, along with links to deeper content and video. Also, contact us with any questions.

What If I Have Business Logic Requirements That Can’t be Configured?

There is a lot EfficiencySprng can accomplish on pure configuration. However, it also has a robust object-model for adding custom behaviors to events, such as when records are added or edited. These customizations can be carried out in industry-standard C#. Indeed, many EfficiencySpring implementors turn to EfficiencyNext to provide any final necessary custom programming to reach 100% of their needs.

How Do We Implement EfficiencySpring?

Contact EfficiencyNext and we can discuss the best approach. Some organizations prefer our consultants to work with them on requirements and then build out the EfficiencySpring system for them; other organizations prefer to receive training on how to configure EfficiencySpring themselves. We support both options and even a mix of the two.